COYO Cloud

Additional outgoing IP addresses for COYO cloud


Please be aware that the list of outgoing IP addresses that need to be cleared by any firewall guarding an LDAP server that COYO cloud needs to access has been extended.

In addition to the addresses previously communicated on https://knowledgebase.coyoapp.com/hc/de/articles/360006270539-Feste-IP-Adressen-der-COYO-Cloud (German only) the following IPs should be allowed:

If the addresses above are not allowed the following LDAP related functions may not function reliably:

  • just-in-time synchronization of LDAP users on login
  • LDAP server connection check in admin screen

Note that running scheduled sync jobs is not affected.

The new IPs are effective immediately. We apologise for the short notice, but the measure became necessary to ensure stability of the platform.