COYO Cloud

User LDAP Synchronization jobs disabled during business hours


Due to a configuration error jobs are still not executed. We are working on it and will restore job execution later today.


We have deployed a fix that allows us to enable user LDAP synchronizations during business hours again for now. However, we will closely monitor the situation and if the fix turns out to be less effective than expected we might have to disable the jobs again at some point.


Due to a bug in the user synchronization service that negatively affects platform stability and performance we have temporarily disabled user LDAP synchronization jobs during regular business hours (Mo-Fr 9:00-18:59 CET). Running jobs manually during that time will lead to an error, while jobs scheduled via cron pattern for that time will run after 18:00. We are working to fix the issue and will re-enable job execution as soon as that is resolved. No other background jobs (email notifications, user anonymization etc.) are affected by this limitation.